Myth: "Exercise will make my fatigue worse."

People often assume you should get a lot of rest and take it easy following a cancer diagnosis, but recent research says this is not exactly the case. Cancer related fatigue is much more intense and debilitating compared to the average feeling of being tired. It unfortunately cannot be solved with a nap or rest.

So what will help your chronic fatigue? I have put together a list of things you can do today to help manage your chronic fatigue, but of all the things on the list the most valuable is exercise. I know what you are thinking, “Will exercising not make me more tired?” No! In fact, it will INCREASE your daily energy levels.

It may sound counter-intuitive but engaging in regular exercise will lead to more energy in the long run. I know when you are feeling fatigued that the last thing you want to do is take on an exercise program, but it is what you and your body need! The more time you spend resting or sleeping, the worse the fatigue gets. You will become more and more lethargic and less likely to feel like you can get through your daily activities.

When sedentary individuals start an aerobic exercise program it enhances their blood flow so more oxygen and nutrients can make way to the muscular tissue, and improve their ability to produce more energy. Aerobic activity also increases the release of hormones in your body called endorphins. These endorphins act as natural pain killers for the body and increase mood, which naturally improves your fatigue!

Do you ever go out for lunch or to the grocery store and come back feeling as though it took all the energy you had for the day? Strength training is beneficial to building the stamina you need to last longer periods of time before feeling so fatigued. It helps condition your body to all the transitions that come along with the activities and outings that you love.

The best way to fight fatigue is to combine both aerobic and strength training in a consistent exercise program! I realize that taking on a new program can be intimidating, but you do not have to do it alone. I designed THRIVE specifically to help people like you who want to gain strength and fight fatigue! We will create a program that is unique to you, your goals, and your lifestyle! We want to join you in your journey to fight fatigue and give you the wellness you deserve!

If you are curious about additional ways to fight fatigue, I wrote a tips report titled, “4 Ways to Fight Cancer Related Fatigue” specifically for you! You can CLICK HERE to get your FREE copy in minutes! Learn things you can do TODAY to start managing your chronic fatigue!